Raising teachers 'awareness about the teaching of writing through the process ap...
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Raising teachers 'awareness about the teaching of writing through the process ap...
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Said Keskes
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تتجه الكثير من البحوث حاليا نحو ما يسمى بتدريس المهارة الكتابية عبر المقاربة المسارية لأفواج الصغيرة، و يفسر هذا التوجه بانعكاسات الإيجابية العديدة على المردودية البيداغوجية في تطوير الكتابة.

باحثون كهايلند و وليامس 2003 بلوروا أهمية و فائدة تدريس الكتابة بالخطوات – المقاربة المسارية- بدلا عن إعطاء الاهمية للمنتوج الكتابي النهائي.

الهدف الأساسي لهدف الأساسي لهذا البحث يمكن في التحقيق في طريقة تدريس الكتابة كما يحدث في أقسامنا ليتسنى لنا الاطلاع على المشاكل التي تعيق تطوير المهارة الكتابية عند المتعلمين.

  There is a large body of research supporting the positive effects of teaching the writing skill through the process approach to small groups.

Indeed, scholards like Hyland (2003) and Williams (2003) have highlighted the importance of usefulness of teaching the learners a step by step writing approach rather than emphasinzing the final product.The primary aim of thisstudy is to investigate real teaching contexts of writing sessions as a they occur in second year classes, in order to be able explore the problems that lie behind the learner’s underachivementinwrottenproductions.For this to be possible; we have conducted a qualitative descriptive research using a multiple case study desing and involing one observation session for each of the two teachers involed in the study. We have opted for video recording as an observational tool because it offers a unique access inside the target classroom’s teaching reality. The findings point out that teachers do lack adequate training for classroom management and especially when it comes to coping with overcrowded groups.

Accordingly, this study has resulted in raising teacher’s awareness about solutions to the problem observed by providing ways of implementing the process approach to small groups, and by suggesting some recommendations based on their weaknesses revealed in the analysis.

Key words: Process, Writing, Collaborative, Teaching, Teachers, Awareness, Classroom, Observation, Classroom Management.

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[En ligne] العدد 06 جانفي 2008N°06 Janvier 2008 ارشيف مجلة الآداب والعلوم الاجتماعيةArchive: Revue des Lettres et Sciences Sociales
Papier : ppfr : 33 - 56,
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